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Decision of the 16th Congress of Apislavia


1. The Congress approved the report on Apislavia activity for the period between the 15th and the 16th Congresses.
2. The report on the Revision and Checking Commission was approved.
3. Managers’ informative report: “On the activity of National Organizations” was heard.
4. It was decided that the governments of member-states would be approached for support in developing apiculture.
5. The proposal of the Beekeepers’ Union in Ukraine concerning the organization of the 17th Apislavia Congress in Kiev was analyzed. As the president of the Beekeepers’ Union in Ukraine, L. Bondarciuc, did not participate in the past two congresses, and the Union did not pay the fees of the day of its adhesion to Apislavia, the Congress decided to examine this problem in the Apislavia Council that will take place in the second semester of 2007. The problem will be solved if the whole membership fee due is paid, and the issue of the organization of the 16th Congress will be analyzed.
6. The Union of Beekeepers in Poland was entrusted with the preparation of a proposal for a preferential regime to the beekeepers organizations that belong to EU member states, provided for the development of the agrarian sector of Europe (deadline – March 2007).
7. Apislavia member organizations were tasked to present three months prior to the Congress a full report on the activity of the National Organizations of Apislavia countries and a proposal for the improvement of Apislavia activity.
8. Apislavia Secretariate together with the Revision and Checking Commission must prepare a proposal to increase membership fees and submit it to Apislavia Council for examination.
9. It was proposed that the Revision and Checking Commission cancel the right to vote to the Apislavia member organizations that did not pay membership fees prior to the opening of Congress works. In the case of a failure to pay exceeding one year, the subject of exclusion will be discussed.
10. Apislavia Council shall improve the mass-media advertising on the quality of honey from countries members of Apislavia. The issue of organizing a contest for the best quality honey during the congress shall be examined.
11. To organize the next Apislavia Council in the second half of the year 2007 in the Republic of Poland.
12. The Apislavia Secretariate must present the proposal for the creation of the Apitherapy Commission.
13. The reports of the Heads of Organizations to the 16th Congress and of the participants in the conference on bee disease shall be delivered to Mr. Cristian Constantinescu by January 1, 2007.
14. It was proposed that the best beekeepers of the Apislavia countries should be awarded medals and diplomas. The materials shall be delivered to the Secretariate two months before the Congress.
15. By January 30, 2007, informative reports shall be submitted to the Apislavia Secretariate on the measures taken by national organizations of Apislavia countries in the current year.
16. Mr. Cristian Constantinescu’s proposal to open a webpage on the internet was approved. The heads of national organizations should be dedicated a page of informative materials.

On receiving new members with Apislavia

According to Apislavia Senate, beekeepers’ organizations of Belarus Republic, Romania, Turkey, FIITEA, expressed requests for admission into Apislavia.
The Heads of these organizations submitted a detailed report on the activity of their organizations. Congress approved unanimously that the Unions of beekeepers in Belarus, Romania, Turkey, and FIITEA should join Apislavia.

Electing the President, Vice-President and Secretary General of Apislavia

The proposal was expressed by Stefan Stefanov, President of the Union of Beekeepers in Bulgaria. He proposed for the position of President of Apislavia Mr. A. Butov, President of the National Union of Beekeepers in Russia. The proposal was subjected to vote and accepted unanimously.
President A.G. Butov proposed for Vice-President of Apislavia Miroslav Peroutka – the Secretary General of the Union of Beekeepers in the Czech Republic. The proposal was accepted unanimously.
Elected for Secretary General of Apislavia is Pavel Hovorka, the Deputy of the President of the Union of Beekeepers in Slovakia.

The meeting of the revision and Checking Commission of Apislavia took place.

The President unanimously elected is Stefan Stefanov, President of the Union of Beekeepers in Bulgaria.

Arnold Butov,
President of Apislavia

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