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Křemencova 8, 115 24 Praha 1, Tel.: 224 934 082
Fax: 224 934 478, e-mail: csv@volny.cz

Czech Beekeepers Union is a civic organization and its members are beekeepers (physical and juristic persons) and supporters of beekeeping. This branch of human activity belongs to the oldest one on the Earth.
Czech Beekeepers Union has more than 50 thousand members. This number represents 98 per cent of all beekeepers in our Republic. The Czech Republic belongs to countries with the highest membership rate of beekeepers.
Czech organized beekeepers keep about half a million bee colonies. Those are 98 per cent of the total number of bee colonies registered on the territory of the Czech Republic.
Main tasks of the Czech Beekeepers Union among others are care for the growth of professional and social level of members, effect on the youth and winning of young people for the beekeeping, co-operation with legislative and executive state organs, government institutions and non government organizations as to provide legislative steps and other activities which lead to the support of the apiculture, research, good health of bee colonies, pollination function as irreplaceable natural activity and protection of foraging sources. The statutes that are its fundamental program document rule all activity of the Association.
Czech Beekeepers Union is in the world well acknowledged organization because of outstanding results achieved in maintaining the health of bee colonies and because of well processed methods in the standard preventive procedure against the spreading of bee diseases.
Czech Beekeepers Union is the member of two international federations. These are Apimondia (World Federation of Beekeepers' Associations) and Apislavia (Federation of European beekeeping organizations from East European and Danube regional countries).
Czech Beekeepers Union e-mail: csv@volny.cz

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Apimondia is the World Federation of Beekeepers' Associations and organizations in beekeeping. It was created in the year 1949 in Amsterdam on the Thirteenth international beekeeping Congress. Apimondia is successor of the International Beekeeping Organization established in the year 1895.
The Federation has headquarters in Rome. Its task is to foster the beekeeping development on world scale.
It owns the International Institute for Beekeeping Technology and Economics and the publishing house Apimondia with the seat in Bucharest. The publishing house publishes apart from professional publications also a journal Apiacta. In the Bee Research Institute at Dol near Libčice nad Vltavou there is the Documentation centre of Apimondia (it provides the exchange of press and documentation).
The assisting organs of the Executive Committee of the Federation are Standing Commissions that organize world symposia and seminars. Apimondia World Congresses are held every two years. The Niniteenth Congress was held in Prague in the year 1963. The Thirtyninth Congress is to be held in Dublin (2005), The Fortieth Congress in Melbourne (2007).
Apimondia associates 51 members (organizations of beekeepers), further associated and individual members. From the Czech Republic the fully qualified member is the Czech Beekeepers' Association. The honorary member is Miloslav Peroutka, secretary of the Czech Beekeepers' Association. He was awarded the honorary membership at the Congress in Ljubljana (2003) for the active work in the Executive Committee of the Federation. Detailed information about Apimondia and the journal Apiacta is to be found on web sides www.Apimondia.org.


Apislavia - the Federation of European Beekeeping Organizations - was created on its first Congress in Sofia as All Slavic Beekeeping Union in the year 1910.
The existence of the organization was under the important impact of political events. Its activities were interrupted not only by both World Wars, but also by the resulting situation in Europe after the Second World War. Apislavia was revived first in the year 1990 and only just on the Eighth (Restoring) Congress (which was held in the Polish town Kamianne in the year 1991) its activities were fully developed. This Congress approved new statutes and the name the Federation of Slavic and Danube Regional Beekeeping Organizations. The present name was accepted in the year 1996 on the Eleventh Congress in Moscow.
The seat of the Federation is Bratislava. The task of Apislavia is to foster the development of beekeeping in member countries. The Federation associates nine beekeeping organizations.
In the Czech Republic there were held two highest sessions of Apislavia. It was in the year 1927 (the 4th Congress) and in the year 2002 (the 14th Congress).


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