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World Bee Day 2023
Friday 19 May 2023 | 10.00 - 11.30 CEST
Sheikh Zayed Centre, FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy

World Bee Day 2023


in pollinator-friendly agricultural production

Friday 19 May 2023 | 10.00 - 11.30 CEST


Sheikh Zayed Centre, FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy
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Under the theme “Bee engaged in pollinator-friendly agricultural production”, World Bee Day 2023 calls for global action to support pollinator-friendly agricultural production and highlights the importance of protecting bees and other pollinators, particularly through evidence-based agricultural production practices.

The global World Bee Day ceremony, which will be held in hybrid format at the FAO headquarters on Friday, 19 May, will be an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of adopting pollinator-friendly agricultural production practices to protect bees and other pollinators, while contributing to the resilience, sustainability and efficiency of agrifood systems. Simultaneous interpretation will be available in all official languages.

If you are in FAO headquarters, check out the exhibition in the Atrium and Flag Hall to learn more about pollination for agrifood systems and enjoy a honey-tasting.

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We hope you can help us to spread the word in your hive! Some suggestions on how to participate here below:
  • Find out more about how you can promote World Bee Day by reading our Get involved guide.
  • Download posters, virtual backgrounds, web and event banners, and so much more from the World Bee Day Asset Bank.
  • Watch and share the World Bee Day promotional videos and join the call for action.
  • Listen the recorded poems by some well-known figures related to bees, beekeeping, or how the behaviour of bees so often mirrors that of human beings across our planet.

For more information, visit the

World Bee Day website


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