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Honey Fraud Industry On-line Conference,
8th November, 2020

Dear Members,

This year’s beekeeping season is about to end. In terms of the amount of honey produced, it has been one of the worst seasons for many European countries. Some refer to it as a 30-year minimum.

This is compounded by the recent trend, namely the discrepancy between increased market demand and lower production capacity of local European honey producers.

The natural market mechanism responding to supply and demand does not work for honey. Imported honey prices are decreasing or stagnating. The main reason is the unfair competition European beekeepers face from growing import of goods from third countries declared as “honey” and sold at prices reduced to the limit, mainly from China. Blends significantly diluted with sugar syrup, starting at price levels of approximately EUR 1/kg, cannot be detected by the currently accredited laboratory methods. Other types of customer deception practices are also common, such as damaging honey with heat, heavy dehydration, or deliberate concealment of the origin of honey.

Apimondia (International Federation of Beekeepers' Associations) is very sensitive to this problem, updating its Statement on Honey Fraud again this year, including a proposal of feasible solutions and recommendations.

Members of the Apimondia Executive Council, including its President Dr. Jeff Pettis and Presidents of Scientific Commissions Mr. Norberto Luis Garcia and Mr. Etienne Bruneau, have agreed to participate in Honey Fraud Industry, an on-line conference to be held 8th November, 2020.

On-line education has become a natural part of these turbulent times. During the pandemic, it serves as a way of communicating useful information directly to your members beekeepers. We would therefore like to ask you to forward this invitation to the conference to as many members and beekeeping fans in your area as possible.

Detailed information about the conference, the organizers, the conference topics and the speakers is available on the website provided by BeeConf, the company organizing the conference. The conference will be subtitled into English, German, French, and Slovak. You will also find an announcement on another upcoming beekeeper conference organized under the auspices of Apimondia, scheduled for February 2021, on this website.

Best Regards,
Róbert Chlebo
Chairman of the Apimondia Regional Committee for Europe

For more information and the on-line application form visit:


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