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XXIII International Congress FPO "Apislavia",

Dear colleagues - heads of the Federation of Apislavia Beekeeping Organizations!

Within the framework of the XXIII International Congress of FPO "Apislavia" we plan to hold a competition in different nominations.

The purpose of the competition is to determine the winners in different nominations, showing the modern and most useful achievements of beekeepers-foremost, experienced beekeepers, amateur beekeepers, as well as scientific and practical successes contributing to the progress of beekeeping.

Proposed nominations for the International Competition:

  1. Children's drawing "Bees and the surrounding nature".
  2. Literature monographs, books, brochures on apitherapy.
  3. Periodicals (newspapers, magazines) on beekeeping.
  4. Literature on beekeeping monographs, books, brochures.
  5. Products, equipment, inventory for keeping and caring for bees.
  6. Beeswax products.
  7. Centrifugal honeys.
  8. Honey compositions (honey with additives).
  9. Decoration of honeycomb (sectional) honey.
  10. Confectionery products made with honey: sweets, chocolate, marshmallows, cookies, gingerbread, cakes.
  11. Nutritious honeys (honey-based drinks).
  12. Gift souvenir sets of bee products.
  13. Devices for human treatment with the help of bees and bee products.
  14. Enterprises, farmsteads, amateur beekeepers who use bees and bee products to improve people's health.
Other nominations are possible.

We ask members of FPO Apislavia to make their proposals, additions or changes in the nominations of the competition proposed by us ...

Show jumping applications are accepted until April 15, 2021

by e-mail: apislavia2020belarus@gmail.com
or e-mail: BelApiUnion@tut.by

Information for contacts:
Chaplain of beekeepers of Belarus: Vladislav Matveyevich Zavalnyuk
Phone: ++ 375 (29) 6204415
++ 375 (29) 6531105 Vladimir Petrovich Kamenkov - Chairman of the RPO Club “Belarusian Bees”.

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